LENS WG on neutron technology development works toward priority actions at PSI

Members of LENS working group for Synergies in Technological Development and Operation gathered at PSI. PHOTO: PSI

3 OCT 2019

VILLIGEN—On October 1-2 the Laboratory of Neutron and Muon Instrumentation (LIN) at the Paul Scherrer Insitut (PSI) hosted the first meeting of the working group on Synergies in Technology Development and Operation of the League of advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS).

The meeting brought together nearly 50 engineers and scientists from the nine LENS member facilities with the purpose of establishing a roadmap for new developments in neutron technology. Fostering development in such areas as detectors, moderators and sample environments will be critical to the advancement of neutron science in Europe and its continuing role in enabling the international scientific community to meet society’s most daunting global challenges.

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