Neutron Science in Europe

Strengthening world-class research and innovation

Delivering economic and societal impact

For many years Europe has had a powerful ecosystem of neutron facilities that was the envy of the world; supporting an expert community of researchers, and delivering science, innovation and competitive advantage through economic impact for European society.

However, the European neutron ecosystem is experiencing a period of significant change and has been destabilised following the closure of a number of facilities.

Neutron Science in Europe, published as a joint initiative of the BrightnESS2 project and LENS Initiative, presents the current landscape for neutrons in Europe and addresses the challenges and opportunities for European neutron science to remain a key contributor in addressing current and future societal challenges.

“Neutron techniques make significant contributions to scientific discovery, the creation of new technology and addressing society’s greatest challenges.”

Neutron Science in Europe is published on behalf of the League of advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS) by the BrightnESS2 project.

BrightnESS² is funded by the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, under grant agreement 823867.