Neutrons are a valuable tool to characterise and study matter in many areas of science and industry. The production of neutrons has been performed mainly by the use of research reactors and spallation neutron sources.

While these large scale facilities are well established, they are also costly and, in case of research reactors, have to deal with nuclear material. In recent years, a discussion has been started – mainly triggered by the development of high-current proton accelerators – on alternative options to produce neutrons and build large research facilities.

Access key: LENS2023

In the context of alternative ways to produce neutrons, laser-driven neutron sources are sometimes discussed. As outlined in a recent report by the LENS initiative, such sources may become a future option in the suite of neutron production methods.

In order to discuss the state-of-the-art and future perspectives on this topic, a workshop is organised entitled LENS Workshop on Laser-driven Neutron Sources. The workshop will be held at ESS in Lund, Sweden on March 1-3, 2023. You can find detailed information on the workshop, a tentative program, confirmed speakers and a registration form to participate at the workshop webpage.

The access key for registration is LENS2023. Please register to this event as soon as possible. We hope to see many of you at the workshop and to discuss the issue.

Dr. Thomas Gutberlet
Jülich Centre for Neutron Science JCNS, Forschungszentrum Jülich