LENS Industry Working Group meet in Lund

Our Industry Working Group, which includes industry contact officers (ICOs) and business development officers (BDOs) of LENS facilities, met with LEAPS colleagues in Sweden from 30 May – 1 June 2023.

As the group works on joint activities towards industry as a user for large scale facilities, they were invited to attend a meeting of ICOs/BDOs of the LEAPS Initiative (League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources), which was organised by the project LEAPS-INNOV.

 After a visit to the ESS construction site on the first day, the group continued to the meeting at the Elisefarm Hotel some kilometres north of Lund. Over the next two days, LEAPS-INNOV’s activities regarding industrial users were presented and discussed, and the LENS team gave an overview of their activities in this field.

One key result of the discussions was that both LEAPS and LENS representatives reaffirmed their wish to continue the exchange between neutron and synchrotron ICOs/BDOs, as had been established during projects such as CALIPSO, CALIPSOplus, NMI3 and SINE2020.

Participants also recognised the need for joint EU-funded projects between LEAPS and LENS, especially where these projects promote cooperation between neutron/muon and light sources – as in the case of the current ReMade@ARI and EASI-STRESS projects.

Group photo of ICOs/BDOs of at LEAPS and LENS at Elisefarm, SE.