Neutrons key to discovering new HIV drugs? An interview with Dr Matthew Blakeley

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A. Cashin-Garbutt. News-Medical Life Sciences, July 2016;

Neutrons probe structure of enzyme critical to development of next-generation HIV drugs

A team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory used neutron analysis to better understand a protein implicated in the replication of HIV, the retrovirus that causes AIDS.
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Fighting HIV with neutrons

When thinking about diffraction studies, X-rays most often come to mind, but neutrons can also provide important structural information – and could help in the fight against HIV.
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Neutron study aims to improve HIV drugs

A neutron study of a common component of HIV drugs has revealed that the component is not as good at bonding as had been thought.
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In the Spotlight: Neutron Crystallography

The potential has been acutely demonstrated in a recent study of interactions between a common clinical inhibitor and HIV-1 protease – an enzyme essential for the replication of the virus.
European Biopharmaceutical Review, Spring 2014;

Neutron crystallography aids in drug design

Neutron crystallography can prove vital towards a better understanding of many biological processes, such as enzyme mechanisms and can help guide structure-based drug design.
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Visualizing Tetrahedral Oxyanion Bound in HIV-1 Protease Using Neutrons: Implications for the Catalytic Mechanism and Drug Design

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Structure determination of the myristoylated human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) Gag matrix

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Room temperature neutron crystallography of drug resistant HIV-1 protease uncovers limitations of X-ray structural analysis at 100K

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The helix-to-sheet transition of an HIV-1 fusion peptide derivative changes the mechanical properties of lipid bilayer membranes

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