The LENS Initiative is founded on the in-kind contribution of Member representatives, who participate in LENS activities at a variety of levels.

Statutory bodies


Each member of the Initiative is represented on the Council by two delegates - the primary being a facility director and the secondary being in an equivalent function or sufficiently close to the primary delegate. LENS Council has all powers to decide on the scope and activities of the Initiative.

Chair and Vice Chair

The Chair and the Vice-Chair are appointed in accordance with Article 10 by the LENS Council from the body of Members’ representatives for a term of 2 years. This term can be extended by one year by the LENS Council. The Vice-Chair will be the nominated Chair for the next period.

Coordination Group

The Coordination Group consists of one representative of each LENS Member and the leaders of the Working Groups. The Coordination Group monitors the activity of the Working Groups to feedback to, and prepare decisions for, the LENS Council.


The Secretariat is responsible for LENS’ formal documentation and associated management, making the necessary communication with the other bodies of the Initiative, and other tasks that are transferred or requested by the Chair.

Working groups

Working Group 1

Strategy, promotion and policy

Working Group 2

Neutron usage and innovation

Working Group 3

Synergies in technological development and operation

Working Group 4

Computing and data

Ad-Hoc Group: Compact Neutron Sources (CNS)

Led by Laboratoire Léon Brillouin and Forschungszentrum Jülich, the CNS group investigates the possibilities for using compact neutron sources in Europe. As part of these efforts, the ad-hoc Working Group published a Report on Low Energy Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources, explaining how CNS could contribute to more widespread use of neutron scattering techniques in Europe.