Our goals

The League of advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS) has the not-for-profit purpose of promoting the cooperation and projects between European-level neutron infrastructure providers. The individual members remain independent but, through LENS, join forces to support and strengthen the ecosystem of neutron facilities in Europe.

LENS places particular emphasis on building relationships with user communities and funding organisations, improving neutron facilities, optimising resources and aligning policies among partners to ensure excellence to the communities they serve.

Members' commitments

Engage in the common promotion of neutron science, with the objective of establishing neutron science as a brand recognised by all the stakeholders, and highlighting the scientific, societal, socioeconomic and environmental impact of neutron science.

Coordinate technical development strategies in order to profit best from collective expertise and avoid duplication of efforts, with a view to addressing the scientific and societal challenges of the future in the most efficient manner, and to minimising the environmental impact of facility development and operation.

Achieve greater coherence in the development of data policy, data-handling, -storage, -analysis, -access along FAIR principles, and promoting Open Science while protecting intellectual property rights, with the objective of facilitating the exchange and use of neutron research data over a broad range of scientific areas.

Join efforts to expand and support new and existing user communities - both by topic and geographical origin, with the objective of strengthening Europe’s neutron expertise.

Coordinate exchanges with national and European organisations and stakeholders (including users and funders), with the objective of contributing to the shaping of future policies.

Focus together on access, based on the principles of the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures, with an emphasis on standardisation for improved user experience.

Coordinate training activities and enhance staff qualifications by facilitating staff mobility, with the objective of facilitating international career paths, developing skills and promoting diversity in neutron science and neutron technologies.

Facilitate industrial access and collaboration, with the objective of fostering innovation within the European Research Area.

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