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Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe: Viral and microbial threats

The combination of high-end infrastructure and expertise at the different ARIEs is unmatched in the world and forms an ideal base to develop new and existing multi-disciplinary approaches to tackle infectious agents. For this to be successful, however, there must be funding and networking possibilities to enable international teams of experts from the medical and biomedical-research communities to collaborate more closely…


Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe: A key resource for the five Horizon Europe Missions

The Analytical Research Infrastructures of Europe (ARIEs) provide unique windows into the workings of the world around us. They include powerful photon sources, such as synchrotrons, laser systems and free-electron lasers; sources of neutrons, ions and other particle beams; and facilities dedicated to advanced electron-microscopy and high magnetic fields. They are centres of scientific and technological excellence…