LENS Policies and Documentation

LENS Charter

Solving the grand challenges facing societies often requires the development of new high-performance materials. Many of these will be synthesised on the atomic or molecular level. This requires state-of-the-art, high-resolution analytical methods to control the processes in a reliable manner, and to provide experimental data to the digital modelling of the real world. Neutron probes are one of the pillars of analytical techniques and especially suited to investigate magnetic properties, light elements or big samples. These characteristics are advantageous for addressing scientific questions arising from grand societal challenges.

With respect to the important role of neutron science for the society, the neutron user facilities in Europe that offer a transnational user programme have decided to establish a strategic Consortium – the League of advanced European Neutron Sources, in order to create an even more effective eco-system of collaborating neutron sources.

LENS Statutes

The Initiative has the not-for-profit purpose of promoting cooperation and projects between European-level neutron infrastructure providers offering transnational user programmes to external researchers. The Facilities remain independent but agree to cooperate and initiate joint efforts supported by the Initiative in order to create an effective eco-system of neutron Facilities.

It is the aim of the Initiative to support any form of activity that has the potential of strengthening European neutron science via enhanced collaboration among the Facilities. In this context, the Initiative places particular emphasis on the interaction with user communities and funding organisations and their representatives.