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Neutrons and muons provide extraordinary insights into the microscopic structure and dynamics of matter and materials, allowing researchers to tackle challenges across many scientific domains. Browse the science highlights from LENS members to find out more.

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NOR Skrik, ENG The Scream

Making the gray cells happy

Depressive disorders are among the most frequent illnesses worldwide. The causes are complex and to date only partially understood. The...

Metals with memory_1

Metals with memory

When metallic objects change their shape seemingly without any external influence and only according to the will of their owners,...


Neutrons detect air pollution

Portuguese scientists have analysed lichens from areas with traditional charcoal production for the first time with the help of the...

Pipe Burying Vessel Castoro 10

Neutrons detect clogs in pipelines

Industry and private consumers alike depend on oil and gas pipes that stretch thousands of kilometers underwater. However, it is...

20220804_Fig 3 - Life reconstruction of Tessellatia bonapartei - Artist Juan Cristobal Sotomayor

Neutrons help track down mammalian ancestors

A team of German and Argentinian researchers has used neutrons in the FRM II research neutron source at the Technical...