Neutrons detect clogs in pipelines

Industry and private consumers alike depend on oil and gas pipes that stretch thousands of kilometers underwater. However, it is not uncommon for pipelines to become clogged. With collaborators at the Research Neutron Source FRM II and the consulting company, Science S.A.V.E.D, scientists from TechnipFMC (a company specialising in subsea pipelines) demonstrated that neutrons are an ideal probe to locate blockages in underwater pipes.

Neutrons detect air pollution

Portuguese scientists have analysed lichens from areas with traditional charcoal production for the first time with the help of the Research Neutron Source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Lichens located near areas of charcoal production contained more than twice the concentration of phosphorus, which is generated during the combustion process.

Captured lithium

In our smartphones, our computers and in our electric cars: We use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries everywhere. But their capacity drops after a while. Now a German-American research team has investigated the structure and functionality of these batteries using neutron diffraction: They discovered that the electrolyte fluid’s decomposition products capture mobile lithium in the battery and that the distribution of lithium within the cell is surprisingly uneven.